Great For Everything $75 Gift Certificate

Whether it's smoothing the legs for summer, or warming up with a Collagen Blanket for winter... this gift certificate can give someone you love exactly what they need for each season. 

Great For Everything $100 Gift Certificate

Let each person shop for themselves by browsing our amazing therapies or choosing from all the fabulous products in our Botannical Boutique.  This certificate needs to be redeemed by phone or in person at our Skin Care Retreat so that we may advise you regarding your selection... 

Our Collagen Blanket & Cleopatra's Ancient Secret

Join the ranks of famous queens with this intensive therapeutic combination for the driest of skins.  It will not only cleanse the dead skin layers from your face, but it will really bring life and youth back to your skin.  This is the perfect party facial!

Gentleman's Facial Experience Gift Certificate

Treat the man in your life to some real skin salvation.  Every man ignores his skin, except when he has razor burn, acne or a scar from where the dog bit him last week.  This will be the exception... with some intensive exfoliation, steam, massage, extraction and some much-needed moisturizing.  This is an opportunity for your guy to just relax and really treat himself like a gentleman... then he'll come home and treat you like a queen.

A Teen's First Facial & Tracey's Make-Up 101 Lesson Gift Certificate

Every teen looks forward to their first make-up experience and this is the perfect gift for that moment!   Helping your teen conquer acne breakouts and get the beautiful skin they crave... there's nothing better for a birthday or a graduation!  

Our Signature Facial & Make-Up Session Gift Certificate

Treat someone you love to our rejuvenating, fabulous facial experience, followed by a professional make-up session.  This is the perfect gift the day of any big event, fantastic fete, or just because...

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