Seasonal Skin Solutions

Seasonal Skin Solutions

Dry SkinAfter a long New England winter it's time for a skin escape to hydration!  The skin that you see is secretly made up of many layers of tiny cells that overlap to form the organic roof for the house of your body.  Many of these layers will have become dry and dehydrated from wind chill, home heating and substituting hot chocolate for the eight glasses of water each day. 

So to get back the fresh glow for springtime, you have to get to the fresh cellular layers that are hidden underneath this dry exterior.  So exfoliation is going to be the first essential step.  And did I say essential?  Let me say that again.... Essential! 

Face ScrubRemember, your skin is your largest breathing organ (think of poor Jill in Goldfinger) and when you have a layer of gold paint all over your body, or a build up of dead skin cells, then your skin cannot breathe, and part of breathing is the release of debris and the cleansing of skin oils that are natural to the skin.  So these become trapped underneath the drier layers so that even with the winter dryness, congestion and breakouts can develop. 

Our exfoliants are designed for just this kind of challenge.  Choose from Fine Polish Facial Beads, Soft Grain Scrub or Honey Almond Scrub and gently uncover those springtime layers two to three times each week until perfection emerges.  And always remember to remove your exfoliant with a sponge or washcloth in an upward motion.  This way you can remove more dead skin and debris in one fluid motion.

The next step is a fabulous relaxing skin peel.  Don't think of a peel as what Samantha endured on Sex and the City.  Our gentle natural peels will never cause irritation, redness or photo sensitivity.  And we have a natural option for every skin with our 40% lactic acid, 30% glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy to truly regenerate your skin's texture and tone in one treatment.  Leave it to Tracey to choose the best one for your needs.  Collagen BlanketAnd if exfoliation has gone the way of flossing or going to the gym, then consider a series of peels to get your skin back to where it should be... ready for spring.

And while we're putting our thick blankets away, we're bringing our collagen blanket out to put hydration back into the skin and support the fresh glow that emerges with exfoliation and natural peels.  Our Collagen Blanket Facial is perfect for this change of season and into the spring to give the skin intensive moisture.  For optimal results Tracey recommends two to three Collagen Blanket Facial treatments to layer in hydration that last.  

Perfect SkinTracey's Tips... 

  1. Leaf BulletOur natural soy hair removal to shed that winter coat and try on that bikini!
  2. Leaf BulletChange your moisturizer now to our lighter silkier formula with sunblock.
  3. Leaf BulletThis is the perfect time to get ready for a springtime fling. Yes, ladies this is when the men come out of hibernation and you want to be ready. We can give you a completely new makeup look to remind your man of just why he fell in love with you in the first place!


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