Services In Our Skin Care Retreat

Services In Our Skin Care Retreat

The Skin Apothecary FaceOur Fabulous Facials…

All of our amazing facials are truly therapy not just for the face, but for the soul as well.  Despite the term "facial", there are areas of the body that are in many ways extensions of the face and need to be included in order for the energy of the "facial" to be complete. 

The neck is an integral extension of the face and often age will show in the neck long before the fine lines begin on the face.  Many women forget the neck in their daily routine, making facial therapy for the neck essential to balance the skin age of the face and neck.   

The shoulders often are so tense that they crowd the neck and lines in the neck and even the face can be a result of chronic stress and tension in the shoulders.  For this reason shoulder massage is an essential part of our "facial" treatments. 

And let's not forget the hands.  Despite the fact that they are at the opposite end of our arms from our face, they are intimately connected to our face and are the next identifier of age.  By massaging and treating the hands at the same time as the face and neck, we again are maintaining a common skin age. 

So a facial at The Skin Apothecary isn't just a luxury, it is a necessity and an experience that you will want to repeat often.  Just look in the mirror...

The Skin Apothecary Signature FacialThe Skin Apothecary Signature Facial is therapy for skin.  We will thoroughly analyze the various needs of your skin and then create a facial that will restore balance to each zone of the face and neck.  Our Signature Facial is based on the methods used by European spas for centuries combined with our own formulations that have been relied on by our skin care clients for more than 25 years.  This intensive and luxurious treatment of massage, steam, hot lavender towels and layers of masks, peels and hydrators will restore the beauty of balance to the skin and erase the effects of stress, sun, wind and dehydration.  $50.00

The Therapeutic Paraffin Facial is an incredibly restorative treatment for especially dry, dehydrated skin as a result of wind, sun or winter's chill.  Beginning with a gentle buffing to clear debris and dead skin from the surface of the skin, we paint warm paraffin onto the skin in layers infusing lavender and essential oils into the pores of the skin to cleanse away bacteria and reduce fine lines and dryness.   The face is then wrapped in light gauze to hold in moisture and maintain warmth, allowing the paraffin to work its magic and restore perfection to the skin.   $55.00

The Skin Apothecary Men's FacialOur Gentleman's Facial is not a fluffy, girly experience which is the subject of much eye-rolling among men.  Instead, this is a therapy designed to truly treat a man's skin like a man.  Men have very specific needs that are unique such as ingrown hairs from shaving, rough patches from sun and wind damage and layers of debris trapped by hair follicles and dry, dead skin cells.  The Skin Apothecary Men's FacialFocusing on exfoliation, extraction and cleansing, healthy skin can be uncovered and years of wear and tear will disappear.  Many men have actually had some very colorful exclamations to make when they looked in the mirror after one of our amazing treatments.  Oh, and did we mention that like all of our facial treatments, this includes neck and shoulder massage?  So just relax and breathe away the tension, while we restore that fabulous face!  $50.00

The Skin Apothecary Teen FacialOur Clear Skin Facial For Teens is a no muss, no fuss treatment focusing on the deeper extraction and more balanced exfoliation that teen skin requires.  At this age, the face will have much more distinctive zones of excessive oiliness and clogged pores that share space with skin that has suffered abrasive dryness from anti-acne products that every teen has in every drawer.  Instead of massage with this treatment, we focus on the therapy that teen skin requires.  Gentle exfoliation, intensive pore cleansing and layers of balancing clays and citrus oils will gradually elminate the breakouts and bring back the glow that teen skin is famous for.  We recommend a series of these facials for lasting, optimal results, especially before big dates, proms and school pics.  $40.00

Keeping Your Age A Secret…

The Skin Apothecary Collagen BlanketOur Miraculous Collagen Blanket Therapy is exactly that... miraculous!  Perfect for a special occasion, this combination of peel, massage, steam and mask is a standard age-management technique to remove 10 years in 48 hours.  The core of this therapy is our unique freeze-dried collagen mask that is placed over the skin and then infused with steam for maximum penetration through the pore structure of the face.   Over the next 48 hours it will plump the lines in the skin providing a smooth texture and appearance.   You won't believe the effect!   $60.00

Perfect Glycolic Treatment is the solution for removing staining of the skin from excessive pigmentation and irregularities that are common with acne, psoriasis, age spots and enlarged pores.  By treating the skin in 7 to 10 day intervals, oil and debris can be loosened and removed from pores, reducing pore size, and blemished areas can have a smoother texture restored.  This treatment stimulates circulation to the skin which allows new growth of collagen and elastin fibers.  So not only is fresh new skin revealed, but the skin will be softer and more supple.  Treatments are administered in a series of 6 sessions.  $100.00

The Skin Apothecary Lactic Acid TreatmentCleopatra's Ancient Secret is one of our most popular treatments.  During the time of Cleopatra, it was well known that beauty could be maintained with bathing in goat's milk.  It was the perfect choice for delicate, sensitive skin to maintain a soft texture and reduce the signs of aging.  At The Skin Apothecary we use organic lactic acid which is the active ingredient in milk for a rich, moisturizing therapy and an incredible skin exfoliant for rosacea, sun damage and age lines.  This gentle treatment will never produce irritation or redness and will produce a lasting glow with each session.  Treatments are administered in a seris of 6 sessions.  $100.00          

The Art of Smooth Skin With Soy

The Skin Apothecary Soy Hair RemovalAs creatures of vanity, we love to remove body hair!  We shave it, tweeze it, wax it, apply depilatory products, laser and use electrolysis. But all of these methods have negative side effects and often don't last.  At The Skin Apothecary we have eliminated nicks, cuts, pain, stubble and ingrown hairs.  We even have clients who no longer need to remove hair at all!  

The Skin Apothecary Soy Hair RemovalThe reason is natural soy.  Johnson and Johnson discovered during a clinical trial that the application on the skin of natural soy would not only make the hair softer and more manageable, but it would reduce pore size, decrease the size of the hair shaft and slow hair regrowth.  We have verified their results time and time again with our amazing soy formula which has given our clients incredible, lasting results. 

Using soy is not only antimicrobial, but it is wax free, gentle and effective. Soy is botanical and organic and when used, provides no irritation because it gonds to the hair instead of to the skin.  In this way the entire hair shaft is removed with no breakage.  Soy never dries, so there is no stretching or tearing of skin that is common with waxing.    

Even after just two treatments you will notice that hair regrowth is lighter and softer. Then with each additional treatment you will experience one third less growth and visits will not be required for six to ten weeks. Eventually you only need to return for treatments just a few times a year. In fact, this method is so gentle, it can remove hair from 98% of the body and you can even apply make-up immediately after your session.  Prices for Soy Hair Removal range from $10.00 to $60.00 for each body area.

There is nothing more natural...

Movie Star Make-upping For Every Day & Once In A Lifetime

The Skin Apothecary Make-upYou would think that with the thousands of years that women have been wearing make-up, we would by now have a gene that kicks in at the age of 18 and gives us the perfect make-up ability.  But alas, for most of us that gene is AWOL.  In fact, with the hundreds of choices in make-up styles, designs, colors and products, it's hard to tell an eye liner from a lip pencil... in fact, when should you use a lip pencil anyway?

And so since the beginning with our Home Clinics, we became known as the Make-Up Mavens, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and bringing perfect make-up to every woman.  Teaching the art of make-up has become labor of love for us, and we still get butterflies in our stomachs when we see a teenager made up for her first prom, or a bride all a-flutter on the day of her wedding. 

So don't rely on department store clerks to know what will make you look your best everyday.  And don't go without our wonderful personalized make-up sessions for dramatic special events.  Instead, take a seat in our private retreat and let us give you the attention you need...

The Skin Apothecary Makeup StationTracey's Famous Make-Up 101 is the place to start for a simple, natural approach to make-upping for life.  She really listens to the demands of your day, and creates a look that highlights your features in a soft and memorable way.  She takes the time to help you learn the techniques of application and gives you enlightening tips for concealing, shadowing, and taking your day into the night.  This is perfect for a teen's first thought of make-up or to restore your sense of self with any life change.  By bringing your appearance into alignment with your current life status, you send a visual message about who you are.  Stepping up your beauty routine is the perfect way to put a new face on things! $45.00

The Skin Apothecary Bride Make-UpA Date With Drama is our make-up session to for the grand entrance at weddings, parties and any special event where you want to look, well.... special!  Individual design is the key to turning up the drama for a spring bride, summer sizzle, autumn glamour or a winter ice maiden.  We are full of dazzling ideas and lavish techniques that will remind you of the Oscars and prepare you for your own red carpet or golden coach.  Prices are available upon request. 

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