Lavish A Loved One With A Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

“Every gift from a friend is a wish for happiness.”

Obviously Richard Bach knew what it felt like to bring happiness to someone you care for, and we do as well.  Our gift certificates are meant for you to bring happiness to someone you love.  All of our delicious therapies will not only restore the skin but will provide a much-needed vacation from stress, time and worries in our luxurious, relaxing and private retreat.  Everyone needs a break from their life from time to time, to give us the balance and peace to step back into the fray.  And focusing on the skin can not only provide that, it can also restore a sense of beauty and confidence that may have been forgotten along the way.

This is the perfect thing for new mothers, brides to be, overworked husbands or a new phase of life....

We also have an amazing array of fabulous botannical formulas that we have used for years.  Gift certificates can be purchased to allow the ultimate browsing experience.  Sensational sun formulas for summer or our sensuous massage oil for, well... anytime... you'll have lots to choose from and lots to try! 

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